• Collect and validate data on competitive prices at the regional and zipcode level
  • Utilize text analytics, price, inventory, image and product attributes to find competitive prices
  • Customized UI with source sites for all webscraped prices

  • Determine the KVI and image items for analysis.
  • Build, modify customize process to collect “scrape” competitor prices
  • Calculate the current competitive price indices for each combination of item role group / category / competitor
  • Determine the target competitive price indices for each combination based on category role and desired market position
  • Implement rules based solvers to determine optimal prices for products based on defined competitive strategy
  • Establish process to monitor and react to competitive price changes

  • Reduced manual efforts
  • User-friendly interface
  • Analyze prices in real-time
  • Systematic, consistent process
  • Visual insight to competitors pricing
  • Visual insight to competitors pricing Evaluate price sensitivity and shifts
  • Select right products for future pricing & promotions


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