• Full Spectrum Price Optimization Solution
  • What-if scenario planning capabilities to see expected effects of pricing changes before implementing
  • Evolutionary model allows adoption and deployment while building your pricing organization at your own speed

  • Data feeds from existing POS systems are loaded into our tool
  • Items are optimized along location and merchandise hierarchy
  • Find the optimal price at item, group, or class level

  • Develop a data-driven price strategy
  • Visualize data and run optimization scenarios in simulation environments
  • Forecast effects on gross margin, volume, revenue, and profit
  • Ad-hoc pricing analysis can be conducted to greatly improve accuracy and reduce expense
  • Fully integrated competitive intelligence from Price Trax & SCAN can be incorporated

  • 3-8% Lift in Gross Margin
  • 8 – 12% Promotional Lift
  • 8 – 12% Incremental Sales Lift


Request a Price Trax Demo today! Our product team can give you an industry specific demo of our price optimization tool, covering how the tool is used, what is required to get started, the expected implementation time for your specific project, and a customized quote.